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Being a member of the CTR Clubhouse doesn't cost anything more than you just being a good person and nice to everyone!

What does it mean to be a member of the CTR Clubhouse?

  1. It means that you want to be a Positive Role Model in the lives of others.
  2. You care about others and are CTR Friendly.
  3. It means standing for what is right with bravery and conviction.
  4. Living a good life and helping others.
  5. Choosing to have Clean Thinking Rules to live by and keep.
  6. It means to be supportive and having a positive outlook.
  7. Lifting others up, instead of dragging them down.
  8. Enjoy the USA each and every day, because it is filled with possibilities.
  9. Loving our Heavenly Father for blessing America with brave people who continuously strive to keep it the land of the free.
One of the things that the CTR clubhouse helps do is support our sister websites. You advertise your business and any of our other service listings on any or all of these websites:
Choose The Right every day! Enjoy the USA each and every day!

We want to thank all the wonderful photographers
for taking such beautiful scenic pictures!


Learn more about all of our services by
seeing our FAQ page on CTReveryday.com.

Remember: When you see
someone without a smile,
give them one of yours. cheeky

Copyright 2018, CTRclubhouse.com

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